The WellNes System is a powerful new advancement in energy medicine. The NES Health WellNES System helps you to detect and correct patterns of energy in your client’s body through an easy 3-step process: (Re)Assess, Rejuvenate, and Re-Imprint.

Step 1. (Re)Assess with NES Health WellNES System

Because the body and its biofield are in constant flux, it is important to re-assess clients each month. You have the option to provide your clients with a take-home scanning device so that you can perform remote scans and access and deliver their analysis and recommendations in your scanning software.

While this can be billed and treated like an in-office visit, you and your client can save time and cost by performing the scan remotely — with you at your office (or home) and the client at home (or anywhere as long as they have their scanning device with them).

During the assessment scan, which only takes a few seconds, our software will analyze all three critical factors for total wellness:

  • The strength and flow of the energy within the Body-Field
  • How close the information is to the body’s optimal blueprint
  • What change in habits and lifestyle can help your client to improve the overall situation

Our software will then return an analysis of over 150 systems and sub-systems of the Body-Field to show the levels of distortion or blockages present, the best routes for correction and the nutritional building blocks recommended. It will also provide a detailed protocol of recommendations for the next steps.

Step 2. Rejuvenate with the miHealth (optional)

After assessment, the next step can be to rejuvenate the body’s energy flow through releasing any present energy blockages or trigger points, while also bringing the body’s energy oscillations back to normal.

This is done by delivering between one and three in-office sessions using our non-invasive hand-held miHealth. Your client can purchase a miHealth device from you to take back home for self-usage in between your consultations. Each session only takes a few minutes to deliver and will also help the client experience immediate relief from any present stress or anxiety and provide clear pathways for information to flow through the body properly.

Step 3. Re-Imprint with Infoceuticals

The next step is to steadily re-imprint the Body-Field back towards its original information blueprint. This is done by providing a custom protocol of Infoceuticals that your clients will take at home.

The NES Health WellNES System will recommend the Infoceuticals most critical for wellness, based on its assessment of two key components of the Body-Field:

The strength or amount of ‘power’ or ‘fuel’ the Body-Field has
The structure of information flow and how it’s organized, as well as how distorted it is compared to the body’s optimal blueprint for functioning.

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