At Yes To Perfect Health Inc, our founder and chiropractor in Irving, TX, has been treating patients and healing clients since 2007. She is open for chiropractor consultation, pain evaluation, and pain management six days a week. Her dedication to our chiropractic clinic is what makes Yes To Perfect Health Inc such a wonderful place to receive treatment. Some of our treatment options include spine and extremity adjustment, cold laser therapy, and applied neurology.

Cold laser therapy is a more recent technique that is a non-surgical treatment of the neck and shoulder. It is widely used in the NFL and by cyclists participating in the Tour de France. It works by restoring function to cells that are damaged. The treatment can improve your metabolism, lead to tissue healing, and restore circulation. It is perfect for tendonitis, fractures, sprains, disc herniation, migraines, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage, scar tissue, heavy metal detoxification, and much more.

Applied neurology is where our chiropractor adjusts certain places in your body and gives you specific exercises that directly affect your brain. We can give you balance and coordination exercises, breathing exercises, and cognitive exercises as well as adjusting you to relieve problems like chronic headaches, vertigo, learning disorders, developmental disorders, autism, dyslexia, thyroid conditions, and dystonia. Applied chiropractic neurology can be very effective where other treatments have failed.

At Yes To Perfect Health Inc, our flexibility of treatment options ensures that you can find an effective treatment that is right for your condition. We recommend a chiropractic consultation as your first step to better health. Find out what Yes To Perfect Health Inc can do for your injuries and conditions.